Environmental Organisations active in monitoring all phases of EIA procedures.

Arion Sauku, Milieukontakt Albania

On Friday, March 3rd 2017, in Belsh Municipality (Administrative Unit of Firzë), Cerragë village was organized a public consultation in the frame of the investment “Career Exploitation of Limestone”. Information on the project intervention was published since February 3rd at the official website of the NEA (REA of Elbasan) as well as the non-technical report of the EIA. After analyzing the document and in ongoing communication with the staff of Regional Environment Agency, Milieukontakt choose to select this project as a case to monitor all phases of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

In the public meeting were present 18 persons, representing Regional Environment Agency of Elbasan, investing company, Belsh Municipality, local people and Milieukontakt staff. We were part of the public hearing together with local people in order to get information on the project, implementation procedures, impact of the intervention in environment and proposed mitigation measures.

Meeting was held near the place where the carrier will be constructed in order to get first impressions from the area, and to check on the spot the impact will have on the environment. The expert, author of the EIA did a short presentation of the work to be done in the area, planimetry of the project, measures to be taken during the work in order to reduce the noise and dust created from the machineries. According to EIA prepared it is stated that the activity it will have impact on the existing landscape and topography, lasting all of its duration. But, with the closure of the activity and the implementation of the proposed rehabilitation measures the area will be rehabilitated by restoring vegetation (mostly olive trees) and improving landscape.

During the operation phase of the project it is not expected to have toxic discharges in the air, water and soil. Even though it is important to monitor the area since in the beginning of the intervention from the inspectorate of the REA in order to ensure that everything is going within the criteria’s decided in the environmental permit.

Milieukontakt is aiming to establish a positive practice of the public involvement in the environmental decision making by strengthening the technical environmental opinion through cooperation with organizations, community and local authorities.

We would continue to monitor and be part of the EIA process and public consultations in order to ensure transparency and community involvement for the environment protection.

Activities are part of the project “Civil society acts for environmentally sound socio-economic development (CO-SEED)” funded by EU and implemented by INCA, WWF-Turkey and Adria, Udruga Dinarica, Green Home and Bird Protection and Study Society. 





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