Local communities monitor EIA procedures

On Thursday, 25 May at 11:00 Milieukontakt together with local organizations and authorities, organized a visit in a Career Exploitation of Limestone operating in the Picrraga village in Borizana Administrative Unit, Municipality of Kruja.

The purpose of this visit was to inform interested parties on this investment and come up with issues to be addressed in the environmental impact assessment report.

Present at the meeting were about 15 representatives from the Regional Environmental Agency of Durrës, experts of the studio that has made EIA report, representatives of Kruja Ecological Club, Milieukontakt, students of Environment Engineer and local inhabitants.

Careers Exploitation had an operating area of 0.143 km2 with a capacity of 100,000 m3 per year. The Exploitation Permit was granted in 2008, but so far was not operational. The Company started the preliminary EIA.

Some of the discussions and issues raised by environmental experts and the community were related with water resources, road used by villagers to connect to the main road, noise level, and how the area will be rehabilitated at the end of the exploitation period. In the area passes the river of Droja, very close to the career.

In the EIA report, it is stated that there will be no impact on surface and underground waters. The activity will not have discharge into the waters of the area, will not use water in the process of the work thus it is not expected to have water damage. However, discussing on the technology to be used it was clear that the XYZ firm would use river water (with pumping) for stone crushing.

Monitoring of the subject during the works it is a very important part of the work of responsible environmental institutions and local communities.

Career Exploitation of Limestone have negative impacts on the environment, which during the implementation of the project are at significant levels, mentioning here the damage to the forest surfaces and the landscape of the area, the pollution or damage of surface or underground water, noise generation and dusting during work.

Some of the measures that the entity will take to mitigate the environmental impacts mentioned in the study are.

• Squares washing during work and washing of vehicles before leaving the site

• Arrange and rehabilitate all escarpment and carry out protective works from erosion and abrasive effect;

• Respect 100% of the measures set in the mitigation strategy for the damaged environmental surfaces

• Vehicles run at low speed in residential areas and in rural road;

• Before cutting forest trees, all living creatures to be removed from their habitat through noises;

 • Not to discharge into the waters of the area

• Not to create disturbances and traffic for residents in the area

• Apply rigorously the Work Cautions at the site



Environmental impacts will be in long-term because the environmental rehabilitation itself requires a long time. This is related to the progress of rehabilitation that should be developed in parallel with the works over the years. At the end of the exploitation period, the subject is obliged to rehabilitate the entire damaged area by transforming it into environment and landscape in accordance with nature.

Milieukontakt will continue to monitor and be part of EIA and public hearings to ensure more transparency and community involvement in environmental protection.

This activity is organized in the frame of the project: "CSOs practice EIA at all stages", financially supported by the project "Civil Society Acts for Environmentally Sound Socio-Economic Development" (CO-SEED) funded by European Union and implemented by Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania  (INCA).





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