Fireworks, from fun till to environment pollution

This year Tirana Police State has increased the control for fireworks traders, especially to trade “Çam”. After many accidents that happened from fireworks, relevant instances  that are responsible for their control have to licence any company or legal person, not only for trade but more important for the way how citizens and different ages can use them.

Some year ago, another Albanian country, Kosovo has applied sanctions until penalty for using fireworks along New Year holidays. The same thing was applied in Macedonia, where the penalty in case of using fireworks has been between EUR 200-800. In Tirana the controls on fireworks have helped only the traders for quality in their products, bur never on instructions for use. Like every year the sky of capital city shined with colourful of fireworks. Except air pollution caused from their use, this has a price for the pocket of costumers, where approximately each family for the New Year spend around EUR 15-30. By report of HPI in 2013 has resulted that the air pollution from fireworks was increased by 2-3 times over the standard.Acoustic pollution was increased in disturbing levels, reached until 90 dB from 55 dB which is the standard of EU.

In different national holiday everyone has enjoyed the atmosphere of colourful fireworks. American Environmental Agency (EPA) in USA, on the day of independence 4th July, report the level of polluted fraction such as dust, dirt and soot increased with 42% along 9-10 PM in the air.

The Guardian reports that New Delphi along November it was covered with a toxic fog, because hundreds of people used fireworks to celebrate. The pollution levels were 42 times over the standard, passing also the level of air pollution caused by cars.

In many cities, in United Kingdom the night that are used fireworks and a day after are the days, where the hospitals have a high number of patients with disease like asthma and with problems in respiration. Fireworks contaminate the air with toxic heavy metal such as lead, mercury, aluminium, cadmium, radioactive barium, etc. Some of them used to give the fireworks the type of colours. The fume of fireworks contains toxic dust that can cause problems in lungs. The producer of fireworks should produce fireworks that are less harmful for health and the environment.

Fireworks contains 75% potassium nitrate, 15% carbon and 10% sulphur. Copper, barium or strontium bonds added together which cause the blue, green and red effects. The first firework is produced inthe Chinese dynasty of Zong (960-1270). The inventor is considered monkish Li Toam.




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  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

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