Komposting practices in Dajci commune –Compres

  Komposting practices in Dajci commune –Compres

  In Dajci communeofShkodrait started the pilot project: "Composting Practices” with the kick off meeting        organized atthe Community Center in Shirq. The project is implemented by Milieukontakt Albania in    cooperation with DajçiCommune and supported by the Program for Decentralization and Local Development    (dldp).The project is a continuation of the process of the "Green Agenda"document and in this context Dajci      Commune reconfirmed the willingness to start a new project on introducing compositing concept by    encouraging local farmers to embrace good practices as part of the overall development of the inter-communal waste management cooperation in order to maximize resources and benefits.

Present at the meeting were the Mayor of Dajç commune, dldp representative, specialists of the area, experts in the field, businesses, etc, who together discussed the current situation and the traditions of the organic waste composting in the past and nowadays.Valuable suggestions were given by the specialists on how to organize composting, treatment, marketing, all accompanied with the incentives and community awareness to embrace this technique. A particular aspect, as expressed the mayor ofDajç, Mr. ArbenGjuraj should be to pay attention to the integration of vulnerable groups within the process.

This initiative, innovativefor Dajçi, but also for Albania, aims to build composting practices at farmer level, to introduce this process in the integrated management scheme of solid waste, todraft a differentiated waste tariffs, enabling the municipality to not only build a sustainable practice but also serve as a positive experience for other municipalities.


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