Qendër Commune Council, Vlorë approves the Regulation and Monitoring plan for waste management. (2)

After a series of meetings and work with local stakeholders in the Qender commune of Vlora it was concluded the draft Regulation and Monitoring Plan for Waste Management of the commune. The document underwent for further review by members of Commune Council until it’s final approved in the meeting of the commune council by the end of 2013.

It is worth mentioning that the document was approved unanimously by all members of the council, having full support for the implementation of such legal documents that precedes the development of local plans on waste management in line with Government priorities for an integrated urban waste management.

The process is realized in the frame of the project “Supporting government to ensure compliance with internationally accepted Good Governance standards for environmental protection and anti corruption” supported by OSCE presence in Albania. The project is a follow up of the discussions held with local representatives in 5 districts of Albania: Berat, Kukes, Peshkopi, Vlore and Himar for presenting the new legislation on integrated Waste management and a thorough analyze of the needs in all LGUs.

Milieukontakt Albania facilitated the whole process based on the vast experience in developing legal documents on local and national level, on participatory methodology of all interested local actors and strongly supported by commune staff and Regional Council of Vlora.

The Qender Commune, as an area with high tourism potential and with the desire to implement the regulation and monitoring plan will continue to work on providing basic infrastructure for waste management in main villages. While the involvement of local community in finding a suitable dump site is seen as the next challenge for the staff of Qender commune.

The approved regulation will be distributed by Regional council of Vlora to all local government units of this region as a basic model for local governance and well functioning, but also as an initiative to be undertaken in all the communes in the near future.

Professional vocational courses in Përmet

Professional vocational courses in Përmet

10 Local trainers, identified on October 2013 in the mapping analyse of the values of handicrafts and tourism services in Vjosa Valley, will transmit and share in four months of vocational courses knowledge and skills to 100 participants.

They will use different teaching methods for developing theoretical knowledge, practical skills and habits of trainees, as well as their attitudes towards life, work and society.

The key element to success will be trainee’s motivation. Their continued acquaintance on the level of fulfilment of the objectives will become a powerful motivational mechanism. It is also planed that learning will not occur only in the class, but also outside. Giving tasks will have a significant impact on their professional formation and integration of theory with practice through the principle of "learning by doing".

The selection process of 100 rural women and unemployed youth to be trained in vocational courses in making crafts, delivering basic tourism services and production of traditional artisans is already finished. Milieukontakt International in cooperation with CESVI and the municipality of Përmet have worked closely with local trainers to finalize the curricula that will be enriched along the course.

In the curricula will be combined information of development of art, tradition and culture with professional knowledge on artisan tools, their use, creating models, development of a well-known brand, or visits to museums and other artistic and cultural sites. Particular importance will have the provision of basic concepts for the establishment of an enterprise and the preparation of a business plan.

Education to Nature: Pathways to a Stronger, Closer Family (E2N)

Kastrat municipality in close collaboration with Milieukontakt Albania, Shkrel Commune and SHRMMNSH have launched on Monday, 13 January 2014 starting of the project " Education to Nature: Pathways to a Stronger, Closer Family (E2N)". The project will be implemented by the North Green Partnership which includes the above partners, and it is financially supported from the Regional Development Programme in Northern Albania (RDP).

At this meeting, attended by chairman of the communes Kastrat and Shkrel , Shkodra regional Council, CSO, teachers from the area, was introduced the project. The project aims to provide everyone with possibility to acquire knowledge and skills as well as to gain the appropriate values, attitude and dedication in order to protect and improve environment and nature resources.

The main components of the project are the construction of an eco camp with 3 eco-friendly villas that will serve as “educational and informational centre", "nature museum” and "economic facility" where children will learn to cook healthy foods. In the premises of the camp will be a greenhouse for vegetables and flowers and playground for children. Children will attend educational classes on naturalism, will learn to plant flowers and vegetables, will have daily hikes to get to know nature and will conduct cleaning and planting activities in areas with high biodiversity values.

Students of the FNS of Shkodra will have the opportunity to be part of internship program and will work with children in the camp. They will mentor and assist animators in various excursions in the field.

Eco camp will be functional not only in summer season but also during the year for the teachers of the area to develop extra curricula hours or attend environmental programs of the camp.

Education to Nature: Pathways to a Stronger, Closer Family

Education to Nature: Pathways to a Stronger, Closer Family


A Chinese proverb says: When planning for a year, plant corn; When planning for a decade, plant trees; When planning for life, train and educate children and people.

Kastrat municipality in cooperation with its partners Milieukontakt Albania, Shkreli Commune and PPNE have organized on Wednesday 26th February 2014 the kick off meeting of the project: Education to Nature: Pathways to a Stronger, Closer Family (E2N). The project will be implemented on the frame of the "North Green Partnership Alliance” with financial support from the Regional Development Program in North Albania (RDP).

In the meeting were invited representatives from Shkodra municipality, Education Directory of Malësia e Madhe, directors of schools, representatives from both communes, NGOs to discuss over the cooperation between these institutions during the project implementation in the panoramic area of ”Syri i Sheganit”. The main actors expressed their support for this project whose goal is to build an eco-camp near the Shkodra Lake and promoting the beauty of nature of the area. The eco camp will be used by different age group of children that will learn about nature and will be able to spend an active and cheerful summer vacation. In the activities will be involved the community as part of cleaning action and planting initiatives.

This project aims to provide opportunities for children to acquire knowledge and skills, also to create the right values and attitude and dedication to protect and improve the environment and the natural resources. The eco-camp will be functional not only in summer but also during the year for the teachers to develop or perform environmental extracurricular hours.

Part of the meeting was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the project partners and the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Shkodra. From the participants was once again highlighted the importance of this innovative project for the area as well as the extraordinary value for the community as a source of income and development for the area.




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  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

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