Coordination meeting between Albanian partners of SAIMON project

In the framework of the Project: SatellIte Near Real Time Monitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian cross border area,” (SAIMON)funded by the European Union, IPA Cross Border Programme 2007-2013, on 21st March 2015 a meeting was held in the premises of Vlora Regional Council for the coordination of project activities among Albanian partners (Milieukontakt Albanian and Regional Council of Vlora)Environmental policies in Albania and the Albanian reality itself are facing a lot of problems and concerns.Water, management and its protection according to the environmental standards of the Water Directive of the European Union is considered as one of the major priorities of environmental policy.Within this reality it was born and designed SAIMONproject: SatellIte Near Real Time Monitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian cross border area,”as an institutional cooperation between Milieukontakt Albania and the Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia, Epirus Water Directorate and the support of Regional Council of Vlora and Region of Ionian Islands.This project where through innovative technology, will bring progress monitoring from satellite and address in real-time the status of waters and their pollution, enabling the responsible authorities on both sides of the border, through the results achieved, to address and take actions for protection of marine waters in both countries Albania and Greece.

At this meeting the Chair of the Regional Council of Vlora, Mr. Sadrit Danaj stressed that the fragmented and not integrated development have aggravated the management of water pollution in our country.For this reason it is very important mobilization of the capacities and resources at the local level and bilateral cooperation with Greece to identify need for undertaking common projects that will address, but also will raise awareness of the community on both sides of the border, on the conservation of environmental values by creating a new approach in the governance model on important issues. The risk of eutrophication of the waters directly affects public health, economic and tourism of the two countries.




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