Involving Citizens

The strategy of Milieukontakt Albania is based on the development of dialogue and partnership between different stakeholders in the fields of nature and environment protection. Milieukontakt sees as important the role for NGOs and CSOs to inform and involve citizens in policy and decision making processes and in monitoring implementation of resulting policies and decisions.We have assisted in strengthening dialogue and partnership between civil society...

business and other stakeholders on different levels (local, regional, national and international.

In effect, Milieukontakt has supported many activities that have promoted public information and participation in decision making processes in Albania. Innovative participative methods are used for effective and sustainable decision making and can reach and directly involve local citizens and can easily work with authorities, business or civil society.

Through our methods we build trust and relationship with relevant stakeholders and we ensure project sustainability since all our projects are based on local priorities, needs and wishes. The method is special, participation in the process is not limited to experts or certain stakeholder groups but is wide and open to all; and as a result the process and its results are genuinely owned by the local people. We work result-oriented without losing an eye for the process.




Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




Sharing Network


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