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Air Aware Campaign was part of the INPAEL program (Implementation of the National plan for approximation of environmental legislation in Albania), financed by EU Delegation in Albania. The overall goal of the project was awareness raising on adverse impacts of air pollution on health and environment and on the importance of reducing urban air pollution in Tirana

The environmental education/information of the young generation /students it is deemed very crucial, when they are most receptive and can still change behavioural patterns, regarding the impact of road traffic in the overall air pollution level. Through this project, students were focused on outdoor air pollution; what it is? What factors contribute to its formation? And what are the health effects from breathing polluted air? Students used data and animated maps from the Internet and monitor for the presence of air pollution.  Students were challenged to think critically and creatively about the problems surrounding air pollution.
About 100 students (grade 6th – 9th) from two prestigious elementary schools participated in the project. The aim was increasing schools student’s and teacher’s communities’ awareness on air pollution related to traffic as well as to helping them to develop an understanding regards to urban sustainable development for a cleaner air in the Tirana. As an effective approach of the project is the involvement of students’ communities in public awareness educational training, encouraging them towards their choices and actions on mobility for a sustainable lifestyle.


Main activities:
1. Partnership with schools to provide air quality awareness to students and teachers - About 100 students and a number of teachers will be selected from at least two elementary schools to take part in special presentations about the importance of air quality improvement in urban area.

2. Educational training session on the adverse impacts of air pollution caused by motor vehicles emissions. During the training session focus was on:
Introduction to the main components of the air pollution caused by traffic (including traffic management, driving patterns, fuel quality, engine age, dust…)

  • Impacts of air pollution caused by traffic on health and environment
  • Promotion of the alternative environmentally friendly ways of transport to reduce urban air pollution and other possibilities such as catalytic exhaust pipes, speed limits, etc.
  • Projection of movies on Air Pollution (see

3. A drawing competition: “Air pollution and road traffic in Tirana – How I see it”. Participants in the competition came up with their ideas/views with regards to relevant issues debated during the first phase of the project.
4. An air quality public information contest. Daily air quality data obtained from NEA were advertised through printed media and /or displayed using available panel display (ABA centre or others).
5. Educational Poster on effects of air pollution, with an initial production and printing of 500 copies. The poster was designed in a way to focus on cause and effects of problems, and remediation measures. The posters were distributed to local public buildings (schools, post offices, etc.).


Some of the project results are:

  • Increase children's knowledge regarding the consequences of the air pollution with special attention to pollution caused by road traffic and the importance of good air quality for health and environment
  • Understanding of use of the environmental friendly ways of transport as a mean to reduce air pollution




Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




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