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Mapping and Analysis Expert



Permet Municipality,MilieukontaktInternational Albania and CESVI is implementingtheproject: “Rural Inclusive Social & Economic Opportunities (RISE-OP)” financially supported bythe grant of the Debt for Development Swap Agreement (IADSA) in the framework of the Italian-Albanian Development Cooperation Program.


Overall objectiveof the projectis to contribute and sustain social and economic inclusion of most vulnerable groups especially of rural women and unemployed youth in disadvantaged areas.

The goal of the project is to specially combat against emigration, create economy, job opportunities and new entrepreneurship for unemployed: rural women and youth without appropriate education and professional skills, without possibility to find a job. At the same time the project will promote and use potential local resources of the Pёrmet area (natural, cultural heritage and agricultural resources) in order to revitalize and valorise arts, crafts and agro-eco tourism, enhancing capacities and access of target groups in local economy within the District.

The project will also build upon existing structures, like Pro Përmet Consortium, in order to enlarge consortium and marketing all over the country. The purpose of the consortium is to promote and market the territory through a quality brand mark of origin. Rural women and youth entrepreneurs that will be joining the consortium will benefit from financial contributions (seed grants), technical assistance (vocational training, practice on the job, etc.) marketing and networking.



Specific Project Objectives:

To increase competencies of rural women and unemployed youth in Përmet District on arts, crafts and tourism services

In collaboration with beneficiaries the project includes a component of vocational training in tourism services (hotel, guesthouse, bar, restaurant, reception, local guides) and, in arts and crafts skills (stone and wood curving, pyrography, embroidery, copper handicrafts, straw works and traditional clothes).


To improve economic conditions of rural women and unemployed youth through new entrepreneurship

Target groups trained will be financially supported through seed grants to establish new entrepreneurship (in arts, crafts and tourism services). To promote, enhance and sell new local products and services, the Përmet Municipality will establish the first artisan shop within Përmet multifunctional centre.


One of the main outputs of the project is establishment of new entrepreneurship of rural women and young people on arts, crafts and tourism services. There is evidence of such sporadic services throughout the area but still there is no data available on the involvement of rural women and young people. In order to achieve max result and effectiveness in the project implementation, involvement of as much as possible people it is necessary development of a mapping and analysis at the start of the project which will provide baseline information. Report will asses present situation: problems, potentialities, lacks, skills, market, gender, etc. in the sector of tourism services, arts and crafts will be performed through the tasks of this assignment.


The project is looking for a qualified candidate to conduct Mapping and Analysis of the present situation in Vjosa Valley in the fields of arts, crafts and tourism services.


Period of service: 13 working days, August - September 2013

Work Location: Përmet district.


Qualifications Required for the Assignment

The work will be carried out by a domestic expert with experience in the field so that it can build on past work and create synergies with ongoing work. The expert shall have relevant skills and experience to manage the assignment with (at least 5 years). The expert hired will work closely with project staff. He/she will report directly to the project for contracting purposes and deliverables and will receive technical guidance from the project team.


The expert selected shall have:

1. University degree in social sciences. Advanced degree in gender or any relevant field would be an asset;

2. At least five years of experience and expertise in gender equality, development and social issues in Albania;

3.Excellent communication and presentation skills;

4. Ability to work independently;

5. Ability to work responsibly under time pressure and in complex situations;

6.Excellent written and spoken English language;

7. Computer skills, including MS Office;

8. Local knowledge and contacts are highly desirable.



The expert is expected to conduct a research on identifying problems and potentials existing in the fields of arts, crafts and tourism services and specifically covering the target groups (rural women and unemployed youth) in the area. The expert will visit the project area, meet different stakeholders to identify and map existing and lost skills, gaps and resources (raw materials, human resources and financial means), and will give recommendations on the development of the potential sectors.

The main result of the research will be an updated assessment of the present situation in the beginning of the project and will serve as baseline report for the project to be presented in the opening session. Based on the findings and recommendations of the research, the Project Team will identify potential local trainers and develop the vocational training curricula for target groups.



  • Database of potential unemployed women and youth to be supported by the project;
  • Surveys among rural women, unemployed youth and community;
  • Mapping and analysis research of the present situation in Vjosa Valley in the fields of arts, crafts and tourism services (English and Albanian language)


Application process

All interested candidates can apply by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by sending an expression of interest, methodology (maximum 1 page) and a CV in English. Deadline for applications: 08 August 2013 Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further selection.


For more information you can contact:

Milieukontakt Albania

Tel: 042256528

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;





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  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

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