The opening conference of the project: “Rural Inclusive Social & Economic Opportunities (RISE-OP)”

The opening conference of the project: “Rural Inclusive Social & Economic Opportunities (RISE-OP)”

On 1st November, 2013 at the Përmet Multifunctional Center, took place the opening conference of the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of the LGUs, of various local and regional institutions, international organizations as well as many young interested women. The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Përmet, Mr Gilberto Jaçe. In his speech he stressed that this project is focused on migration, create economy, job opportunities and new entrepreneurship for unemployed: rural women and youth without proper education and profession skills, without possibility to find a job.. The project will promote and use potential local resources of the Pёrmet area (natural, agricultural and cultural heritage resources) in order to revitalise and valorise artisanal and eco - agro tourism, enhancing capacities and access of the target groups in the local economy.
The project was the result of a long and participatory process which developed an inter local strategic plan of the Vjosa valley finalized in November 2012 and that was supported and officially signed by the chairman of the two municipalities and seven communes. The project is interrelated with all national and local strategies of the government.
Inter municipal cooperation will be the key to the success of the project - said in her opening speech Mrs. Mariarita Capirci, co-director of the Technical Secretariat Unit of the IADSA program - Italian Albanian Debt For Development Swap Agreement () .
An important part of the conference was the presentation of the mapping analysis for development of artisans and tourism services in the Vjosa valley, to better understand local dynamics and socio - economic resources. One of the main findings in Përmet, but also in Albania, is that our market still does not know the true value of artisans. It is largely undeveloped and mainly local practices are often isolated and depending on projects supported by various donors interested in this sector. With all the tradition and extensive experience in the field of artisans in the Përmet district, after the change of political system in 1990, the artisans of the state enterprise faced unemployment and many abandoned the tradition and migrated or specialised in other professions. As a result, the artisan sector and tourism services are developed only through private initiatives of small businesses. Old families of Përmet that have inherited the artisan ability have managed to preserve tradition meanwhile facing obstacles and difficulties. There is no synergy between the artisan and the existing tourism, or to other regions in the country or to other economic sectors such as agro - tourism, eco - tourism, fairs and various social engagements, marketing etc.
A message that goes to the development of artisan and tourism services in general is that artisanship is a part of our national culture and tradition and as such requires continuous attention, support and cooperation - said at the end of her speech Mrs. Valbona Mazreku general manager of Milieukontakt Albania, one of the partners in this project.

Finally, participants were invited to test some typical products of the area tenderly provided and prepared by CESVI, local partner, in collaboration with the Propërmeti consortium.




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