Fundraising training developed by Milieukontakt Albania - 14-15 November 2013

On 14-15 November 2013 Milieukontakt Albania organized for managerial staff of SOS Children's Villages training on "Fundraising."

The training was based on the concept of fundraising and steps for identifying potential sources and planning a successful fundraising for activities, programs and campaigns to help children without parental care or at risk to lose it. A unique aspect of the training was new techniques for using online fundraising.

SOS staff is a very dedicated staff engaged on organizing various events to raise funds to build long-term relationships with partners and maximize energy. Milieukontakt is one of the close partners who consistently facilitates and advises SOS in techniques, methods and new topics such as: Human Resource Management, Strategic thinking, Leadership, Project Proposal, Discipline and Environmental Education.

Our knowledge and work has given us plenty of information on fundraising, but training and successful implementation of the activities that were outlined during it, will be the best outcomes and fruits for 2013 - said one of the participants in the training.

Milieukontakt Albania has more than 12 years of experience with civil society organizations in the field of environment, nature and sustainable development as well as with local authorities to cover these issues. A very important component of its work is to develop capacity building programs based on interactive and participatory methods.

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