Training on the "Albanet" and "Drita e Diturise" School

Milieukontakt Albania part of the “Ecosystem of Communication and Environmental Information" (ECIM), on the frame of the SENiOR-A program, is implementing the public awareness campaign to inform about the proper use of hazardous chemicals and about energy efficiency. During October and early November Milieukontakt Albania conducted some extracurricula hours at “Albanët” and “Drita e Diturisë” 9-years schools for pupils of grade 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. The main focus during the environmental education hours was the information and the awareness of the new generation on both topics. About 100 pupils from both schools were taught about the inappropriate and uncontrolled use of different products / detergents, which if are used without reading labels or instructions may result very dangerous not only for humans health but also for the environment. Many of the products (such as cosmetics, detergents etc.) that we use daily, eventhoughwe do not payattention,contain chemicals.

Quite extensively was discussed the other topic: energy sources and how to use it efficiently; which are the advantages and disadvantages that affects not only the environment but also the economy of our families and of the entire country. The presentations were prepared with graphics and short films making the hour more interesting and the conversation more interactive with the pupils.

They showed a wide interest on both topics, where there were addressed many questions on different issues raised recently in TV, such as the case of the pesticides used inappropriately during the cultivation of the cucumber or the case of the 40 licenses released for the construction hydropower plants along the Shkumbin river. The environmental education hours at “Albanët” school coincided with the ‘project week’, a practice already implemented from two years – says Ms. Ira Dinga coordinator of the project week. The topics selected by the students for this academic year were “Energy” and “Health”. The information transmitted was quickly absorbed by the students who asked further information as part of their projects or measures that could be taken and presented to the director. Much interest and a great appreciation came from the teachers of both schools, particularly from the “Drita e Diturisë” school, whose director Mrs. Lumturi Cela, expressed the interest that these curricula can be further developed and naturally followed by the practical work in the field, drafting of the conclusions and resulting with the change of the attitude.

At the end of the activities, for the fruitful cooperation, on both schools were handed a certificate of appreciation.

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