Strategies and Policies

The NGO-s annual meeting has already become a tradition and specific topics are discussed each year by environmental NGOs. The annual meeting is a place where NGOs discuss strategies in several areas and come up with policy papers for addressing problems. As a result of nine annual meeting 2 national strategies (Strategy of Environmental NGOs in Albania, 2002 and Environmental Education Strategy in Albania, 2005) were developed and 4 policy papers on Water, Waste, quality of Air and Public participation (2009) were endorsed to central and local government institutions.


The first meeting one took place December 1st 2000, with the participation of 46 associations. Among other identified problems was the lack of information, of a strategy of the associations and the desire to have such common meetings, but at least 2 days events. These problems were taken into consideration when organizing the second national meeting as they were reflected in the content of the printed form of “Mjedisi Sot”, where the associations were invited to reflect their activities and the problems of their regions in many different forms.


The second meeting was organized in 16-17 April 2002. The National Strategy of ENGO-s, which was prepared by the organizations, was presented here. Besides an analysis of the achievements and difficulties met by the associations the strategy provided the tendencies of development and an action plan with objectives and activities to be undertaken. During this two days activity the associations expressed the will to organize by themselves such important event. This complied with the Milieukontakt philosophy to create conditions for the development of the environmental movement and to delegate as many as possible activities to local ENGO-s.


The third meeting was organized in 25-26 of April 2003. Its organization is a result of a cooperation and coordination between Milieukontakt, PPNEA, Massmedia and Environment, Biologists Association, Center for Electronic Communication, and the youth group of PPNEA. Aiming the establishment of institutional relations between state bodies and ENGO-s, during the preparation of the meeting, the organizing group encouraged the Ministry of Environment to draft a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in the meeting. The goals of the meeting were: to encourage and intensify the cooperation between ENGO-s, the accomplishment of common activities visible in public and in close cooperation with the community; to discuss on the process of transferring the editing of “Mjedisi Sot” under the responsibility of the ENGO-s. 50 people representing 39 organizations.


The fourth meeting was organized in 1-2 of October 2004. In the meeting were present 55 persons representing 39 NGOs from 14 districts throughout Albania. The meeting was distinguished by a very familiar atmosphere (established thanks to previous meetings), by truly serious presentations and discussions, expression of legitimate concerns for the environment in Albania and a spirit of criticism and self-criticism for the role and contribution of ENGO-s toward this direction.
Something new in this meeting was the formulation of 5 joint national campaigns for 2005-2010 years. These campaigns will be the nucleus of the activities for the implementation of EE strategy and the commitment of the AENGOs strengthening and developing the environmental movement.


The fifth meeting was organized in 3-4 December 2005, aiming promotion of Network concept. In the meeting participated 45 representatives from 40 ENGO-s. Macedonian experience presented in the meeting, on their greening election campaign, inspired Albanian NGOs for initiating similar campaign for the future local elections. As a result of this meeting a working group was created, which designed the campaign on national level, as well as promotional materials of the campaign.


The 6th meeting was organized in 9-10 December 2006. In the meeting participated 48 representatives from 35 environmental NGOs. Goals of the meeting were presentation of the campaign “Pollution hampers the development – everything start with voting” and discussion of ways to be followed on putting environmental issues in the political agenda of the candidates. One of the results in the meeting was selection of 3 NGO members that will be representing civil society in the Arhus Board within MEFWA.


The 7th meeting was organized in 13-14 December 2008. This meeting was characterized from active discussions and presentations on the biggest environmental issues like Water, Air, Waste and Public Participation, as well as work on drafting a lobbying strategy of environmental NGOs. Four paralel workshopes were developed related to 4 identified topics, where besides their analization, NGOs formulated strategic directions and messages addressed to decision makers for changing development and implementation policies. In the meeting participated 51 representatives from 39 environmental NGOs.


The 8th meeting was organized in 12-13 December 2009. Four paralel workshops were developed for each of the topics with the aim of involving NGOs in local actions for addresing and solving those four issues in local and national level.


The 9th meeting was organized in 10 December 2010. This meeting marked the completion of the project: “Strengthening the Albanian Civil Society for an Improved Environment”. During the meeting NGOs worked on creation of the platforms on the topics of the position papers and National Campaigns. This was important to foster NGOs to undertake other actions for addresing the issues raised as well as to create reference documents in their daily activities.




Environmental Day

  • International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer - September 16

  • Clean Up the World Weekend - September 17-19

  • Zero Emissions Day - September 21

  • Car Free Day - September 22

  • World Day of Tourism - September 27




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