“Sustainable Tourism Development of Mirdita through Promotion of Culture Heritage”

“Sustainable Tourism Development of Mirdita through Promotion of Culture Heritage” project supported by UNOPS Albania will develop local socio-economic and cultural opportunities as a tool for the revitalization of communities and local economic development. Activities in this project will promote culture, traditions, and natural values of this country, that should promote and become accessible for the public and tourist and above all contributing the socio-economic development in this area.

The duration of this project is 12 months and beneficiaries are about the increase of activities and youth, tourism, culture, and education of 100 women in traditional skills.

The evaluation of the results and achievements of the project are aimed at presenting the role of cultural heritage to the public as a driver of sustainable socio-economic development, also to increase public authorities, comprehensive and gender-sensitive models as well as to strengthen the professional capacities of individuals, local groups working for cultural heritage, sustainable development, and tourism.

In terms of the target group, they will be about 100 rural youth and youth from Mirdita, about 20 medium and small enterprises, civil society organizations and 10 individual practitioners of cultural sites, domestic and foreign visitors, and public authorities at local and national level.

Outcomes: Raising and increasing public awareness of the role of cultural heritage as a driver of sustainable socio-economic development.

Public authorities support and promote growth, inclusive and gender-sensitive models.

Strengthened professional capacities of local individuals and groups working of cultural heritage, sustainable development and tourism involved and contributing to economic well-being.

The project is in line with the local and regional development such a General Local Plan and Operational Plan for Local Development of Mirdita.

Project activities:
– Establishment of local heritage multi- stakeholder and expert Working Group,
– Mapping of cultural and natural values of the area,
– Workshop and Education related to economic use of sites,
– Engage and educate youth and women in traditional skills and as a guide,
– Marking at least 4 cultural, historical and natural trails,
– Revive handicrafts traditional activities,
– Design and place information tables,
– QR code with information on the main cultural, natural and historic objects of the
– Participatory video making,
– Promotion of cultural and natural trails,
– Fair with agritourism and handicraft products from the area,
– Nation Conference to share experiences with other projects,
– Booklet on the capitalization of the experience from the project.
– Local Authority – Municipality of Mirdita and local public schools.
– Local private sector,
– Local NGOs.


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