Focus and topics 

As part of an emerging EU Member State, Albania is committed to decarbonising its economy, improving the environmental performance of its energy supply, increasing energy efficiency and harnessing the potential of decentralised renewable energy.

To support this development, the project aims to build gender and socially equitable energy communities in Albania. The following four target groups are involved:

  • Women entrepreneurs in rural areas
  • People living in energy poverty and households in vulnerable situation
  • Young people
  • Political decision-makers

Through energy communities, entrepreneurs and household members will benefit from a more favourable energy supply and reduced energy dependency. Low-income and energy-poor households gain access to reliable and affordable energy when solar energy solutions are installed in their homes. Young people will learn about energy democracy, the potential of decentralised renewable energy and the concept of energy communities.

What we do

The project aims firstly to enable women entrepreneurs, low-income households and young people to recognise the opportunities and potential of self-generation of electricity and energy communities. In addition, the project will strengthen applicable knowledge and provide guidelines for local authorities and policy makers to initiate legal frameworks and programmes for the development of energy communities. The project aims to promote cooperation, mutual learning and support between local actors, policy makers and other relevant energy stakeholders.


  • Gender analysis in the energy sector and analysis of potential of energy communities
  • Analysis of the legal framework and practical implementation of energy cooperatives
  • Capacity building, knowledge transfer and networking
  • Planning for gender-responsive energy communities in Albania
  • Promotion of policy solutions for gender-responsive energy communities

Implementors:                  WECF and Milieukontakt Albania

Project timeline:              December 2023 – November 2025

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