Milieukontakt as part of the ECIM group has implemented the project focusing on urban waste management, which was realized during the period 15 March – 30 October 2018, within the framework of the project “Information-Communication on Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development with a special focus on urban waste management” supported by REC Albania and funded by Sweden Embassy,

Through its implementation, Milieukontakt Organization identified 35 zones of illegal dumping in the peripheral areas of the Tirana city. After highlighting, those zones are also permanently updated online in TrashOut application.

For the monitoring carried out, the Miliukontakt organization has forwarded all the information to the Sector of Urban Waste Monitoring in the Municipality of Tirana and the Administrators of the Administrative Units. All the information is also presented at the discussing round tables organized in Dajt and Yzberisht areas. In order to raise awareness and informed to the situation of illegal dumping in these two transboundary areas of Tirana, has been realized the reportage “When the periphery invaded by inert“. The reportage has been split into social media and transmitted also near Albanian Television Report TV.

On 5 June,  passionate students of the high school “Sami Frashëri” realized the exhibition “A photo speaks but brings any change” with photos about illegal dumps of urban waste in different areas of Tirana. Part of the awareness was also a visit by students of high school “Sami Frashëri” during Mobility Week, where besides the promotion of mobility alternative modes, they have inspected closely the area of Teleferic near Linza stream.Throughout the project are monitored also the meetings of the Tirana Municipal Council, where it turned out that all issues treated, were not for the environment. A detailed financial analysis of the waste budget for year 2017-2018 was also carried out by the financial expert of the organization.Visibility product for the whole work carried out by ECIM Network was also an environmental calendar. During the project realization, the Communication and Management Expert of the organization has carried out various articles, not only in the field of environment but also in other important fields.



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