Ecosystem of Communication – Environmental Information “ECIM”

Main project achievements

– Campaign and community meetings and commercials, surveys, information exchange between social medias
– Extracting the scale of information and providing more information on the chemicals dangerous to our lives.

Project Objectives:
1) Information and awareness of the public, citizens, school’s students and traders of the area:

a) the risk of uncontrolled or negligent use of products or detergents which, if not used in accordance with the instructions contained in their labels, may result in many dangerous for the health and the environment around us;

b) on energy (its sources and types) and how to use it efficiently, the advantages it brings not only to the environment but also to the household and beyond.

2) Exposure by means of a wide-ranging public inquiry process on: a) the danger of the chemicals presence in different products that citizens use in their daily lives; b) the level of citizens’ knowledge on energy efficiency in our country.

Period: May-December 2013




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