Monitoring noise pollution in coastal areas.


Monitoring noise pollution in coastal areas.

Partner organisation: Milieukontakt Albania, Environmental and Territorial Management Institute, Gjelberimi 2000

The project will be implemented in the Municipalities of Vlora and Himara. According to EU directives the standard allowed noise during the day is 55 dB and in the night 45 dB. Coastal areas are the most exposed to noise pollution especially during the tourist season. The problems related to noise pollution in both municipalities start with lack of a local action plan, lack of monitoring, lack of control to the companies/entities causing the noise and end up with lack of transparency.

The aim: Strengthening the cooperation of local actors (communities, CSOs) using alternative instruments on noise monitoring to advocate at local authorities for better management of noise pollution.

Specific objectives are:

  • Identification of the status of noise pollution during the tourist season through a well-defined alternative methodology which will provide quantitative and qualitative data on the noise level.
  • Promoting civic engagement in noise monitoring through alternative methods of monitoring, training, advocacy, etc.
  • Networking of local CSOs to advocate and address the issue of noise pollution at the local government.

Period: October 2021 – November 2022


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