Youth for Sustainable Future

Implementing partners: Mlieukontakt Albania and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP)

Municipalities where the project will be implemented: Municipality of Lushnje (Albania) and Municipality of Fushë Kosovë (Kosovo)

Implementation period: January – October 2024

Objective of the project:

Foster a transformative shift in the attitudes and behaviours regarding the nature protection and sustainable practices of the specific target group (youth) and promote a sustainable lifestyle.


Informing / educating and engaging youths in Lushnje and Fushë Kosova about the importance of a clean environment, as an essential component that guarantees a good quality of life and with standards.

Increase cooperation between the community and the Municipalities for the improvement of the environment and its sustainable development, acting specifically on climate, land, and water

Main activities:

  • Environmental Education – Open environmental hours, informing / educating the younger generation on good health, sustainable cities and communities, concrete actions for climate, life on water and land, waste management (source separation, reuse, recycling) in parallel with visits to recycling businesses.
  • “Atelier 2024”, will be organized outside the premises of each school, where 60 youths from each school are expected to participate. Youths will be invited to work to prepare different products with recyclable materials. The best 5 designs will be awarded a small gift, while all participants in the event will be awarded a participation certificate.
  • Cleaning activities with school students, parents and representatives of the municipality (Lushnje and Fushë Kosovë).
  • Planting 100 trees in both municipalities to promote sustainable development and engage the young generation in concrete actions for environmental protection.
  • Summer camp aims to inform and engage youth in nature protection and sustainable development goals also by sharing ideas and exchange knowledge between them. In the summer camp will participate around 45 youth from Lushnjë and Fushë Kosova. The summer camp will be organized in 3 days in Lushnjë due to potential natural resources such as artificial lakes and rivers basin.
  • Equipping schools with waste collection bins. Each school will be equipped with 20 bins (40-60 litters) for waste separation at source.
  • The visibility of the project, the promotion of activities on social networks will make it possible to raise the awareness of a larger number of people to undertake concrete actions in the protection of nature.

The Regional Program on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans 2 – ReLOaD2, is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


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