Although well-known for its cultural and natural attractions, Përmeti feels the lack of an integrated tourist map, which includes tourist information, for identifying numerous tourist attractions and places, as well as for operators that services in this area. The tourist map will facilitate the work of different stakeholders in the field of tourism, but at the same time will make it easier and comfortable for tourists to be orient and to stay in this region.

Working and living every day in the city of Përmet, everyone knows and appreciates the immediate needs, which do not always require high financial costs. Good Will and vision for the future is enough.

Driven by this will, the preparation for realization of the integrated tourist map has started, which will be printed in 500 copies and distributed to different actors working in the field of tourism. Realization of the map will help to increase the quality of service towards domestic and foreign visitors / tourists, creating a quality product that is in the same line with their needs and requirements. The map will be implemented according to the technical conditions and EU standards.

The Permet area it is known by a great variety of cultural, historical, traditional and gastronomic attractions, the combination of which makes this territory very attractive for visitors and tourists. In order to present these values of the area, as well as to promote them in Albania and abroad,they have started the process of producing the photo album “City Passport in Përmet”. Its realization is being carried out by the famous photographer Mr. Roland Tasho. The album will contain photos of all the particularities, characteristics and values of this area, masterfully expressed in quality and comprehensive material.

With these products we not only fulfill the civic duty as inhabitants of Permet, but at the same time we give due attention to the values of the city, and at the same time we add two essential and quality materials to the infrastructure of sustainable tourism development in this area.


This activity was realized by Milieukontakt Albania in cooperation with Vjosa Explorer Organisation in the frame of the project ” Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development in Municipality of Permet” which has been awarded by the Regional Program on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans – “ReLOaD” ” Supported by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).




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