Electoral promises for the environment during the elections of April 25, 2021

Identifying collecting and publishing online the electoral promises for the environment of the 2021-2025 legislature beside those made during the 2017-2021 legislature is a project supported by the Westminister Foundation for Democracy. To collect all the promises made by the legislature, which will start working in September this year, will be used platforms and official communications with political parties, media, meetings with civil society organizations, which have worked or are working with environmental promises made by the winning candidates in 25 April elections. Once the promises are collected, they will be presented in a database, which will be linked to the website of Milieukontakt NGO, where all interested actors can see the promises made for the environment, by a certain political force, the time and place that the promise has been made. The database will also conduct an ongoing assessment of the promises made to the environment if has been fulfilled throughout the 2021-2025 legislature.

Sector: Environment

Implementation period: 22.06.2021 – 23.12.2021

Supported by: Westminster Foundation for Democracy Limited


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