Local waste management plans in Elbasani catchment area

The project has to contribute to the formulation and implementation of the waste management plan of 5 selected municipalities according to the national standards. Main strategy of is to formulate realistic local waste management plans, based on a clear vision and affordability. The plans should integrate a special focus on social inclusion and facilitate the integration of the private sector.

Main project achievements:

  • 5 New LWM plans (incl. transitory measures)
  • 5 new rules and regulations on waste management formulated

Project Objectives: The preparation of local waste management plans for 5 municipalities.

  • Formulation of new SWM plans for municipalities that have not yet gone through such a process: propose a short term intermediate measure action plan.

Target Groups: Municipality of Elbasan, Municipality of Gramsh, Municipality of Prrenjas, Municipality of Librazhd, Municipality of Belsh

Period: April 2019 – December 2019

Supported/financed by: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Bashki te Forta project




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