Local waste management plans in Elbasan Waste Area municipalities

The project has to contribute to the formulation and implementation of the waste management plan of 5 selected municipalities according to the national standards. Main strategy of is to formulate realistic local waste management plans, based on a clear vision and affordability. The plans should integrate a special focus on social inclusion and facilitate the integration of the private sector. For instance, while discussing for promoting recycling we should consider also the impact of formalized recycling activities on the informal waste pickers, or when discussing the service organization schemes  the identification of big produces and possibilities to organize an individual scheme only for them.

Main project achievements:

  • 5 New LWM plans (incl. transitory measures)
  • 5 new rules and regulations on waste management formulated

Project Objectives: The preparation of local waste management plans for 6 municipalities.

This can be detailed with the following objectives:

  • Formulation of new SWM plans for municipalities that have not yet gone through such a process: propose a short term intermediate measure action plan.

Target Groups: Municipality of Elbasan, Municipality of Gramsh, Municipality of Prrenjas, Municipality of Librazhd, Municipality of Belsh

Period: April 2019 – December 2019

Budget of the project: EUR 38 000

Supported/financed by: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Bashki te Forta project




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