Preparation of the youth from Shengjergji as nature guide

Main project achievements  

The aim of the project is to prepare young people of Shengjerg as nature guides. By training young people, they will be able to serve, enter and compete in the labor market as nature guide. Improving the tourist infrastructure in the area, the project will enable to youth European practice and nature conservation policies. During the implementation of the project young people will create personal experiences, and then these experiences will be provided from them to different tourists, thus serving as natural guides to the area where they live.

The project will be implemented during the period of 10 month at Shengjergj Administrative Unit where its main outputs will be: training for youth in the area; exchange of experiences, where young people from Përmet will offer their successful experiences as guides in their city; creation of three trails in the area of ​​Shengjergj; creation of a physical map, which can be install where Shengjergj Administrative Unit begins; digital map creation of the trails, with the necessary data for the trails realized by the youth of the area. Digital maps will be published online. The promotion of the area and activities of the project will be permanently shared on social sites.

Vjosa Explorer in partnership with Milieukontakt Albania has launched the implementation of the project “Youth in Shengjergj as a nature guide”. This project is being implemented under the initiative WEB4YES – Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment

Support, coordinated by Belgrade Open School, with the financial support of the EU.




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