Sustainable tourism and promotion of agri-food products in the Ana e Malit A.U

Main project achievements

•Unified labeling of agricultural products of the area.
• Organizing agri-food fairs, promoting local produce, helping farmers commercialize their produce in the future.
• Adaptation of four houses in the area as a guest house, without alienating the landscape as a whole and the originality of the houses in particular.
• Upgrading local houses and adapting them as guest houses will improve the socio-economic level of residents in the area.

Green Center Albania, Municipality of Shkodra, Ana e Malit Administrative Unit

Project Objectives:
Preservation of ecological, cultural values ​​in the area and development living conditions of the inhabitants, based on the use of sustainability of local and cross-border tourism services.

Target Groups: Farmers of the area

Period: 2 Dicember 2019 – 31 May 2020

Budget of the project: 19.290,00 Euro

Supported/financed by: PAP/RAC




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