Shëngjergji’s shepheards as eco-touristic destination

Main project achievements  

– Construction of a new infrastructure in the stanes, providing accommodation, food, rest and dining, camping opportunities, shower and bath, family-friendly dairy farm and livestock feathers. Provide better conditions for shepherds through investments into energy, water, sanitation as an opportunity to become a “guest house”.
– Production of an outdoor tourist map of Shëngjergji, integrated also with the tourist map of Tirana Municipality (rural and cultural tourism) at the scale of 1: 50,000. This should be a professional map and will be in the local and foreign market to be sold to tourists. The Municipality of Tirana will support with tourist information private businesses specializing in tourist maps and their marketing in the international bookshop market.
– The tourism product will be studied as an opportunity for cooperation with other villages within the Administrative Unit and with villages of other municipalities. Shengjergji will be promoted to be integrated into the major national tours.

Project Objectives:
– Improving the living conditions of the Shëngjergj lodges/stanes as an opportunity for their transforming to the guest house
– Identification and promotion of the natural resources of the Shëngjergji area

Period: January 2019 – June 2019




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