Strategic Plan implementation in Radhima Visitor center

Main project achievements  

Help local administration to implement action plan they have to promote the center as a first MPA and build best experiences that can be replicated model for other parts of Albania.
Intensify and strengthen the management activities for K-CMPA showing that MCPA can effectively protect marine biodiversity; Identify core aspects of SPVC implementation.
Provide concrete list of eligible pilot actions to be implemented in cooperation with local organisations for implementing SPVC functions and goals;
Capacity building (training and on-the-job coaching) of local NGOs on biodiversity, ecosystem management, visibility and capacity building

Project Objectives:
The project aims to support the functionality of the Visitor Center of Karaburun-Sazane Marine Park in Rradhima to raise the awareness and educate local communities and MPA users group on the value and benefits of MCPAs and increase their engagement in the MPA management.

Period: February – December 2019

Budget of the project: 3,272,833 ALL

Supported/financed by: UNDP




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