Together for green communes at all the country

Main project achievements

– A national platform of eight (8) people will serve as a core for the promotion of the Green Agenda as a successful process to realize
sustainable development at the national level.
– The Green Agenda Platform has worked to prepare a national manual on the process, steps taken, experiences, successes and issues come across.
– Local organizations in cooperation with local authorities have organized open days in each municipality, inviting 3 neighboring municipalities
around each current municipality to make a visit and to see to become part of the process itself.

Project Objectives:
– To coordinate jointly activities at local level, to promote good governance and environmental clean-up;
– Share experiences, ideas and information through the national platform, with stakeholders involved in the Green Agenda project in Albania, and gather information in physical or electronic space;
– To build a sustainable national platform that could support or launch new Green Agenda initiatives;
– To promote a unified manual that can provide methodological support to new initiatives in Albania.

Period: July-December 2010


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