Satellite Near Real Time Monitoring Network for the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian cross border area

Main project achievements  

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive and INSPIRE, cooperation and coordination between institutions
Monitoring of marine waters and validation through sampling in different areas of the southern coast
Real-time and timely data on the quality of coastal waters
Addressing problems and taking eutrophication measures

Project Objectives:

– SAIMON overall objective is to establish collaboration at a high
level between the Greece and Albania and lead the bilateral relations towards finding solutions for common problems, by implementing a coordinated environmental protection action under the eutrophication risk.
– Implement a coordinated environmental protection plan addressing the common risk of eutrophication on all coastal waters of the IPA CBC Programme beneficiary area.
– Assisting the responsible authorities to comply with EU directives and national legislation.
– Use technology developments for Earth Observation and ICT, integrating them into the everyday work of Public Administration.
– Integrate specific scientific knowledge in solving the common environmental problem.
– To raise public awareness of the need for coastal water protection

Period: September 2014 – 2016




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